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On Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - The Polish National Alliance (PNA) and PNA Lodge 1450, the Chicago Society, cosponsored a luxury bus trip to Springfield, Illinois to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and the State of Illinois Capitol Building. The day started off early at 6:15 a.m. as PNA Fraternal Coordinator and trip organizer Mrs. Mary Srodon greeted the guests on the bus from the north side departure point at the PNA Home Office located in Chicago and then motored to the second departure point at Mayfield Banquets located on the south side of Chicago. From there the forty six guests including PNA National Secretary Charles Komosa with his wife Agata and sons Charley and Alex, PNA Treasurer Marian Grabowski, former District XII Commissioner Anna Kokoszka, as well as Chicago Society members Richard Ciesla with wife Maria, former President of the Polish Museum of America, Romuald and Chris Matuszczak, Mitch Pasiewicz, and Jan Plachta, traveled directly to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and started their tout of the museum. The guests received VIP treatment as the Museum Executive Director, Nadine O'Leary, is a friend of Secretary Charles Komosa from his days when he worked for the State of Illinois. At noon, the group dined at the library on a gourmet catered lunch while enjoying a private 30 minute "History Lesson" lecture by Dr. James M. Cornelius, Ph.D., Curator of the Lincoln Collection at the Library. Dr. Cornelius topic was "Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief" "His only military experience had been as a three month volunteer in a frontier Indian war. As a Congressman he had opposed the Mexican War. Yet it became his lot as President to preside over the largest war in American history to that time (and still the largest in terms of the loss of American lives and property). How did he do it?" Dr. Cornelius also told us of the first all Polish Regiment of 1000 polish born men from New York who fought in the Civil War. After a short question and answer period by the guests, Dr. Cornelius showed us several Lincoln artifacts, including books, his cufflinks, coins, and other items. The group returned for the tour for two more hours and then departed to the Illinois State Capitol. At the State Capitol, the guests were greeted by Josh Potts, Assistant Comptroller of Illinois, also a good friend and former work colleague of Secretary Charles Komosa when they both worked for Illinois State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, and he arranged a guided tour of Senate and House of Representatives chambers from the balcony-level galleries. Later, Josh gave us a tour of the Illinois State Comptroller Leslie Munger's Executive Offices and overview of her responsibilities. The group then departed back to Chicago through very stormy weather but enjoyed a boxed dinner and watched a movie on the bus.