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As of Monday, June 2, 2014, the Polish National Alliance began accepting payments via credit card.

Any client who walks into the PNA Home Office or calls on the phone will be able to pay for just about any PNA product or service with a credit card.

Walk-in customers should see the Cashiers Office for any payments made in person.

The Assessment Department will accept payments over the phone relating to that department. The Direct-Billing Department will accept payments over the phone for any direct-billed insurance premiums due.

Payments for all products and services like registration fees for Bowling, Golf, Fraternal and Sports & Youth activities can also be paid by credit card. Just contact the department running the event by phone or in person and they will be able to help process your payment.

We accept all of the major credit cards.

The PNA is also looking to enabling our website to accept online payments. A payment gateway will be soon programmed by our web developers in order to accomplish a totally secure payment environment. Steps are already being made to accomplish this capability.

We look forward to serving all our clients and members by making the paying process a lot more convenient.

We are here at your service.
Victor Modlinski
Office Systems Specialist