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Story and Photos by Robert M. Jadach

Chicago, Illinois - The Polish National Alliance North Side Senior Group celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day on Wednesday, June 10, 2015. The small group gathered at Teresa 2 Restaurant in Chicago. As the seniors entered and checked in, they were given a gift. At noon they were served a delicious lunch.

PNA Vice President Paul Odrobina was emcee and led with a prayer. He introduced PNA Director Wanda Penar and Fraternal Coordinator Mary Srodon, and asked how can we keep the seniors program strong and grow in numbers for attendance.

After lunch, a Mom of the Year was selected who was Stella Wierzbicki. She received a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase. Father of the year was Ted Terlikowski who received a bottle of spirits.

This is the last meeting for the summer. The next time the North Side Seniors will meet will be in September. Vice President Odrobina thanked the Seniors for their attendance and support throughout the year.