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Submitted by: Joseph A. Kaminski

The 36th Annual District VIII Golf Tournament was held on June 17 and June 18, 2016, at the Venango Valley Golf Course in Venango, PA. A total of 135 golfers from 12 Lodges participated in this successful tournament.

The competition was managed by Stacy Mott, the granddaughter of Ted Haluch, who died in February. She was assisted by many who volunteered their services. Stacy is to be congratulated for her effort to make this tournament success as was taught to her by her grandfather.

Before releasing the golfers to their assigned tees, Val Pawlos, PNA Business Director requested a minute of silence in memory of Ted Haluch. He also had a banner displayed that showed a picture of Ted Haluch with a picture of Polish eagle in the background the inscription of Ted Haluch PNA District VIII Memorial Golf Tournament. This banner was donated by West End Pulaski Society PNA Lodge 1052, and it will be displayed at an arranged location each day of future tournaments.

Before announcing the winners of the tournament at the banquet, Val Pawlos introduced District VIII Commissioner David Sinclair, PNA Fraternal Director Jeff Twardy, former National Director Joe Kaminski, and former District VIII Commissioner Richard Tyszkiewicz. He also indicated that representatives of PNA were present, namely PNA Vice President David Milcinovic and PNA Business Director Anthony Nowak, but could not attend because of travel arrangements. Commissioner Sinclair announced that the District VIII Bowling Tournament will be hosted by Lodge 664 in Westmoreland City in October.

The acknowledgment was given to Mary Srodon, Fraternal Activities Coordinator for the PNA, for the plaques and monetary contribution. Thanks to District VIII for their donation and to the many sponsors for their tee ads.

Winners of the District VIII Golf Tournament

Friday, June 17
Closest to the Pin #2 - Mike Mattich, Lodge 356
Closest to the Pin #13 - Denny Jones, Lodge 352
Closest to the Pin #16 - Bill Schmid, Lodge 1052

Closest to the Line CH/A #9 - Dan Flynn, Lodge 1746
Closest to the Line B/C #10 - Jack Foster, Lodge 352
Closest to the Line D/F #18 - James Malardie, Lodge 1746
Closest to the Line Women #1 - Sherry Wonsevicz, Lodge 1870

Saturday, June 18
Closest to the Pin #2 - Kevin Pawlos, Lodge 1052
Closest to the Pin #13 - Frank Piekut, Lodge 750
Closest to the Pin #16 - Rick Gilmour, Lodge 1746

Closest to the Line CH/A #9 - Ray Ruszkoski, Lodge 750
Closest to the Line B/C #10 - Ron Viskovicz, Lodge 1870
Closest to the Line D/F #18 - James Malardie, Lodge 1746
Closest to the Line Women #1 - Terri Barger, Lodge 1052

3rd Place - Patrick Adamson, Lodge 1052, Score 190
2nd Place - Joseph Baran, Lodge 1013, Score 187
1st Place - James O'Donnell, Lodge 187, Score 176

3rd Place- Kathy Sluk, Lodge 1052, Score 204
2nd Place Terry Viskovicz, Lodge 1870, Score 185
1st Place - Tusia Mott, Lodge 1052, Score 185
Tie Breaker Birdie on Hole #1

3rd Place - Daniel Witkowski, Lodge 352, Score 195
2nd Place - Rick Gilmour, Lodge 1746, Score 195
Tie Breaker - Hole #1
1st Place - Wayne Jones, Lodge 352, Score 194

3rd Place - Jim Keppel, Lodge 1013 Score 176
2nd Place Brian Jones, Lodge 352 Score 175
1st Place Bob Alvarez, Lodge 1870 Score 175
Tie Breaker - Hole #2

3rd Place - Thomas Meighan, Lodge 1052, Score 163
2nd Place - Eugene Cindric, Lodge 352, Score 163
Tie Breaker Hole #1
1st Place - Kevin Pawlos, Lodge 1052, Score 161

3rd Place - Jeff Mattich, Lodge 352, Score 166
Tie Breaker with two others (Bill Schmid and Jeff Twardy) five holes
2nd Place - Jeffery Kiss, Lodge 352, Score 165
1st Place Dave - Stanich, Lodge 352, Score 164

3rd Place - George Gonzalez, Lodge 1327, Score 167
2nd Place - Joseph Pici, Lodge 352, Score 162
1st Place - Philip Mattich, Lodge 352, Score 161

3rd Place - Ronald Rys, Lodge 1193, Score 159
2nd Place - Joshua Strawins, Lodge 352, Score 156
1st Place - Dean Marraccini, Lodge 352, Score 153

Lodge Winners Lodge 352 with Score 632
Dean Marraccini - 153
Joshua Strawins - 156
Philip Mattich - 161