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Submitted by: Mary Srodon, Fraternal Activities Coordinator

The Polish National Alliance's 54th National Golf Tournament was held on August 5-6, 2016 in Slovan, PA.

PNA Lodge 1870 in Slovan, PA served as the host Lodge and tournament organizer. Officers and volunteers including Lodge President Chuck Couch, Ron and Terry Viskovicz, Bob Alvarez, Jim O'Donnell, Larry Sayer, Jason Snider, Betty Patterson, Ed and Sherry Wonsevicz, and a few more not mentioned welcomed 98 PNA golfers to their PNA Club to register for golf and enjoy a hospitality night including delicious Polish food, libations, and fraternal camaraderie.

The PNA golfers battled hot and humid conditions at the Ponderosa Golf Course for the two tournament on Friday and Saturday but enjoyed the challenging and scenic golf course in Western Pennsylvania's rolling hills of Beaver County in Hookstown, PA.

The tournament culminated with an awards banquet with a delicious buffet dinner followed by the presentations of golf trophies and plaques for the multiple winners. The PNA Home Office was represented by National Secretary Charles A. Komosa, National Business Board Director Val Pawlos, and Fraternal Activities Coordinator Mary Srodon, Fraternal Director Jeffrey Twardy, District VIII Commissioner Dave Sinclair, former National Director Joseph Kaminski, and former District VIII Commissioner Richard Tyszkiewicz.

On behalf of the Polish National Alliance Officers, we thank each and every one of you who attended or assisted in any way with the 54th Annual Polish National Alliance National Golf Tournament in Slovan, PA. We had an outstanding tournament filled with fraternalism, great game of golf, friendship and fun! I can't thank you enough for your support by participating in this year's tournament.

Tournament Photos


Women's "Champ"
1. Jamie O'Donnell - 170
2. Betty (Florence) Patterson - 181
3. Terry Viskovicz - 186

Women's "A" Flight
1. Alyson St. Amand - 201
2. Denise M. Gerhard - 201
3. Sherry Wonsevicz - 211

Men's "Champ"
1. Dean Marraccini, Jr. - 147
2. Eric V. Pawlos - 158
3. Joshua Strawins - 160

Men's "A" Flight
1. Michael Swejk - 165
2. Joe Hetrick - 165
3. Carl Palastro, Jr. - 165

Men's "B" Flight
1. Richard Schiffhauer - 173
2. Gary A. Letta - 177
3. Mark Crossley - 178

Men's "C" Flight
1. Scott Petak - 165
2. Brian Jones - 170
3. Michael K. Smithers - 175

Men's "D" Flight
1. Mark E. Schiffhauser - 172
2. Jeff Froats - 174
3. Cory Bates - 175

Men's "E" Flight
1. Thomas Jackson - 183
2. Thomas S. Pietrzak, Jr. - 191
3. Edward Blais - 193

Men's "F" Flight
1. Brian Caddell - 185
2. John E. Vicker - 202
3. Don Babiec - 209

Men's "Senior"
1. Richard Draves - 176
2. Andrew Garczyk - 179
3. James O'Donnell - 193