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Submitted by: Peter Biernat, President of Council 75

This year, Council 75 of the Polish National Alliance is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Because of this solemn jubilee, the members of Council 75 proudly share their history, accomplishments and visions for future generations to all gathered on September 7th, 2014 at the Stardust Banquet Hall in Chicago, IL.

It was the 20th National Convention of the P.N.A. in 1913 in Detroit, Michigan that carried resolutions allowing lodges to form councils as administrative units. Thus, soon after the convention, neighboring lodges united to form Council 75 of the P.N.A.

In the beginning, organizational and electoral sessions were called in a hall owned by delegate Jan Krechniak located in the neighborhood of Huron and Nobel streets in Chicago, IL. Commissioner A. Majewski led the election of the Council's Board; Jozef Dudek becoming the first President of the Council. The primary goals of Council 75 were: elevation of education of Polonia, development of brotherhood and patriotism of all people of Polish decent, helping members in need of assistance, and participating in any activity that led to the recovery of independence for Poland.

Nearly 6 months after the creation of Council 75, World War I began. With the hope of an independent Poland, the Council's Board and its members called for a rally to stand behind the Polish Independence Department (Wydziału Niepodległościowego), and to fully support it both physically and financially. Soon, during the creation of Gen. Haller's "Blue Army" in France, Council 75 helped to mobilize its members to join the Army.

After World War I, the Council hurried with moral and financial assistance to Poland and its members in the USA. This assistance became a core virtue of Council 75. And thus, for the next 90 years, Council 75 supported veterans, the Polish White Cross; American Red Cross, Kościuszko Foundation, compatriots in the old homeland, and post secondary education of PNA's members.

There are many achievements of Council 75. Our ancestors formed a band "Cappella", started a Boy Scout troop, organized a chorus named "Dudziarz, and called to life a soccer team under the name "75 Liberty". These endeavors were enjoyed by Chicago's Polonia and to this day exemplify the Council's commitment to the social wellbeing of its members and Polish culture.

Council 75 was not only active socially, but also politically. The Council took effective participation in the greeting and reception of dignitaries of the polish nation; people like the great composer, politician, and spokesman Ignacy Jan Paderewski, general Joseph Haller, Dr. Wróblewski, general Władysław Sikorski, general Bór-Komorowski, and general Władysław Anders. In ideological and social work the council has contributed to the collection of funds for "Dar Majowy", for flood victims in Poland and the Unites States, and in aiding the department of education and PNA Welfare Association. It has supported Youth Camps, scouts, given offerings to national defense, led schools of citizenship, organized lectures and cultural assemblies, and always took care of the good name of Polonia and polish causes. On the 150th Anniversary of the United States Constitution, Council 75 sent its delegation to Washington, D.C. They were also present at the National Cemetery at Arlington, Virginia for the entombment of Generał Włodzimierz Krzyżanowski.

Council 75 supported financial and physical ventures organized by the P.N.A., especially membership drives. Soon, Council 75 became one of the biggest in membership within P.N.A.'s Chicago Polonia. Since its beginning, the council was committed to the improvement and marketing of Polonia owned businesses in Chicago. It organized meetings and business classes to aid its members in starting up new businesses by sharing knowledge on how to run a business and how to market it. And, most importantly, the Council tried to effectively support Polish owned businesses in Chicago.

Through the popularity of Council 75 and its high membership numbers, many hardworking and committed delegates have been elected to the National Offices of the P.N.A. Some of these delegates that we are particularly proud of are: Edward Moskal, President of P.N.A.; K.B. Czarnecki , Vice President; Kazimierz Kowalski, National Secretary; National Directors, Stanisław Ścibło, Franciszek Głowa, Walenty Kożuch, Tytus Jachimowski, Aniela Wójcik and Alexander Sobota; and Commissioners Jan S. Wojciechowski, Janina Czachor, Walenty Kożuch, Stanisław Ścibło and Stanley Bogobowicz.

Begining with its 75th Anniversary celebrated in 1989, the council was led by Stanley Bogobowicz. President Bogobowicz, through his 22 year tenure, became well known for his vigor, hard work, and dedication to P.N.A. In the present few years, under the leadership of Peter Biernat, Council 75 continues to be faithful to its core values as defined by its 100 year old history. The Council's Board, under the leadership of its president and dedicated delegates, participates in the Polish American Congress, dedicated to defending our polish roots and protecting the good name of Poland. The council supports charitable endeavors of Polonia, and cooperates with other brotherly organizations, lodges, councils, and districts of the P.N.A. Council 75's delegates are politically active and ready for another 100 years of service to the P.N.A and Polonia.