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Photos by: Andrzej Baraniak

After winning the elimination round in Florida and earning the national championship, four boys from Magic PNA Soccer Academy have been selected to represent the United States in the unofficial Championship Tournament of twelve year olds on September 7 at Wembley Stadium, London.

Thirty-two different teams from around the world will compete in group eliminations. Winning teams will advance to the finals and the winners will take the trophy. Our United States team will compete with the teams from France, China, and Chile. “We are a bit nervous because we do not know the capabilities of our opponents, however, we are practicing a lot,” said one of our members.

Nicholas Słonina, Damian Łoś, Polo Lopez, and Jeremy Linares have been practicing several days each week ever since they were little, and right now, their minds are set to win. Their success is thus far a result of their hard work, perseverance and the commitment of their coaches and parents.

During a practice on Wednesday, July 28th, the young soccer players received a visit from PNA President Frank Spula and Treasurer Marian Grabowski, who wished the team the best of luck and asked them to visit PNA headquarters upon their return, regardless of the final score. 

And in the light of this, The Polish National Alliance is proud and excited to have members from Magic PNA Professional Soccer Academy play at Wembley Stadium. We all wish them good luck and are waiting for good news!