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Story and Photos by: Robert M. Jadach
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On Wednesday, September 18th, the Polish National Alliance North Side and South Side Senior Groups joined with members of the Polish Women's Alliance and Polish Roman Catholic Union for a day trip to the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana.

PNA Vice President Paul Odrobina and his wife Janice welcomed more than 40 seniors who left for the Casino from the PNA parking lot on the North Side. Joan Oskorep and Robert Jadach greeted seniors leaving from the Mayfield Banquet Hall on the South Side. As the seniors checked in for their trip, they were given a bottle of water and a bag with cookies and candy.

Mrs. Valeria Pawlowski, one of the seniors traveling on the South Side Bus, was celebrating her birthday. Joan Oskorep presented Mrs. Pawlowski with a cupcake and the entire bus sang "Happy Birthday" to her and all the others who also celebrated their birthdays in September. The Polish Women's Alliance Vice President sent a box of candy bars to distribute to wish Mrs. Pawlowski a happy birthday as well.

The buses returned back to their original departure locations in the late afternoon after a day of entertainment and a few lucky winners.