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On September 2, the annual Polish Day Parade was held in Hamtramck, Michigan. PNA District 10 actively participated in the parade. The Alliance Dancers of Lodge 2525, the Centennial dancers of Lodge 53, Council 122 and District 10 Commissioners Thomas M. Schemanski and Stella g. Szczesny all marched in the parade. This year the parade honored the “Polish Media” and members of the “Polish Times” (Czas Polski), “The Polish Weekly” (Tygodnik Polski). “Telewizja Detroit” and the “Polish Varieties Radio” show were honored in the lead float. Jurek Rozalski, program director of the Polish Varieties Radio Show, is an active member of PNA Lodge 1758. Warren City Councilman Keith Sadowski was the Parade’s Grand Marshall. The Honorary Grand Marshall was Stanely Krajewski, former editor of the Polish Daily News.

The Parade has a long history and in the 1930’s it was held in conjunction with the Polish Constitution Day observances. It evolved into the Pulaski Day Parade and was held in the fall in downtown Detroit. In 1977, PNA Vice-President Paul Odrobina was president of the PAC Michigan Division and saw the need to continue the parade and had the committee agree to stage the parade in Hamtramck on Labor Day.

Since that time, the Parade has been held in Hamtramck and has drawn a large following. In addition to the various Polish organizations, members of other ethnic, educational, cultural and religious groups have joined the parade line-up.

Following the parade, the Women’s Division of District 10 hosted a picnic luncheon for all PNA participants at PNA Council 122.