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Article by: Ania Karwan and Greg Chilecki
Photos by: Miroslaw Jaroslawski

On October 4 and 5, 2014, Polish National Alliance District 16 held its District Convention ("Sejmik") hosted by Lodge 1443 San Diego and Council 73 in the City of San Diego, California, PNA District 16, is the largest geographic district in the USA, consisting of the states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, California, Arizona, and Nevada. In attendance at the Sejmik were twenty-three delegates and ten guests from the following lodges and councils: Council 4, Council 73, Council 216, Lodge 7, Lodge 700, Lodge 1443, Lodge 3259, Lodge 3089, Lodge 3193, and Lodge 3281.

The key note speaker for the Sejmik was PNA National President Frank J. Spula. The Sejmik began on Saturday, October 04, 2014, with the Lodge President of San Diego Lodge 1443, Ewa Chrzanowski, welcoming the delegates and guests to the Sejmik, followed by a welcome from Elizabeth Rudzinski, President of Council 73. PNA President Frank J. Spula addressed the Sejmik attendees and spoke about PNA's financial outlook and its future, and gave guidance to the district's lodges and councils for their activities, membership, and sales.

PNA District 16 Commissioners Ania Karwan and Greg Chilecki jointly made a presentation about the district and their activities as Commissioners. They also gave information on the district's sales compared to last year and compared to the other districts of PNA. Next, PNA Director Anthony Nowak-Przygodzki addressed the delegates.

Two PNA Sales Representatives presented new policies to PNA President Frank J. Spula. Barbara Jaroslawski of Lodge 3259 presented three new policies, and Rick Kobzi of Lodge 3193 presented one policy.

Commissioners Ania Karwan and Greg Chilecki chose individuals from the district to be recognized by the Commissioners. This year the Commissioners awarded Elizabeth Rudzinski, President of Council 73 and PNA Sales Representative, as the District 16 Person of the Year, and gave her a $50 gift card. The Commissioners also awarded and recognized PNA Sales Representative Barbara Jaroslawski of Lodge 3259, Yorba Linda, California, and PNA Sales Representative Glen Stocker, Lodge 156, Washington, Certificates of Appreciation for their dedication and work for the success of PNA District 16.

All delegates and guests were divided into committees to work on ideas for membership, fraternalism, resolutions, and audit committee. Afterwards, the committees shared their ideas with all Sejmik participants. Delegates and guests volunteered and chose ideas to implement in their lodges and councils, and to report back their results at the next Sejmik. Presentations were made by each council and lodge on their activities from the past year. Then delegates and guests had the opportunity to participate in a question and answer discussion with PNA President Frank J. Spula.

On Sunday, October 5, 2014, the Sejmik continued with Commissioners Ania Karwan and Greg Chilecki lead the discussion of District 16's Sales Contest, as well as the additional Commissioners' Sales Contest. During discussions of new business, a new Treasurer was elected, Marlena Hulisz. The delegates discussed holding their next Sejmik and District 16 Debutante Ball at Yorba Linda, California, on April 18, 2015.

Delegates, guests and PNA President Frank J. Spula participated in a Polish Mass at San Diego's St. Maximillian Kolbe Church, and gathered for a fraternal lunch with further opportunity for participants to have conversations with PNA President Spula.

Commissioners Ania Karwan and Greg Chilecki thank San Diego Lodge 1443 and all participants for making the PNA District 16 Sejmik successful, and give special thanks to PNA President Frank J. Spula for his guidance, expertise, and camaraderie.

Resolutions Committee Report
PNA District XVI Convention-San Diego, California
October 04 & 05, 2014

Whereas, Polish National Alliance District XVI convened in San Diego, California on October 04 and 05, 2014 at their Annual District XVI Convention and;

Whereas, all matters of membership and fraternalism were discussed;

Therefore be it resolved:

        1 - We acknowledge and thank President Frank J. Spula for his leadership of the Polish National Alliance of North America. We wish him continued success, and for the growth of the Polish National Alliance as the leading ethnic fraternal in the United States.

        2 - We thank PNA Lodge 1443 - San Diego, California, its officers and delegates for hosting our PNA District XVI Convention, especially, Ewa Chrzanowski, President. We congratulate and wish continued success to Lodge 1443.

        3 - We thank our District XVI Commissioners Ania Karwan and Greg Chilecki for their hard work and dedication in representing PNA members in District XVI, and Director Tony Nowak Przygodzki representing Region "K".

        4 - We acknowledge our "Person of the Year" for District XVI, Elizabeth Rudzinski, Los Angeles, California, Lodge 700, and the recipients of Certificates of Appreciation: Barbara Jaroslawski, Yorba Linda, Lodge 3259; and Glenn C. Stocker, Seattle, Lodge 156 for their dedication to their lodge and PNA membership, and their acts of fraternalism on behalf of the Polish National Alliance in their respective areas.

        5 - We continue to call for support of entry visa waiver for all Polish citizens visiting the United States.

        6 - We encourage all members of the Polish National Alliance and Polonia in general to participate in their local politics, as a matter of their citizenship and civic duties to the state, county, and communities in which they live. We encourage collaboration among the local, regional, and state fraternal alliance groups in an effort to reach common goals.

        7 - We acknowledge the 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising and resolve to remember the sacrifices the people of Poland made for our freedom. We also honor the members of PNA who participated in the Warsaw Uprising. In particular PNA members of District 16 Lila Ciecek,Lodge 3259 Piast, Frank Kosowicz.Lodge 700, Krystyna Chciuk Lodge 7 and Halina Butler, Lodge 7.

        8 - We acknowledge this year as the 25th year of a free Poland, and that Poland continues to be an inspiration and example to other people and nations who wish to seek their freedom peacefully.

        9 - We encourage and support our sales agents and all PNA members to work together in expanding membership in PNA, in particular focus on attracting younger generations.