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December, 2014

Dear Sales Representative-Secretary,

During our recent meeting, the Board of Directors approved a sales promotion for sales representatives and secretaries. The contest begins as of December 1st and will continue to January 15th, 2015. All applications received by the Home Office after December 1st will be considered.

All permanent plans of insurance will qualify for the promotion, with a minimum of $10,000 face amount. Term plans will be eligible as well, however, half credit will be provided. The Student Term Plan and Annuities are excluded. To qualify for a Cash Award, a combination of permanent and term plans is allowed.

The Cash Bonuses are as follows:

For Permanent Plans For Term Plans
5 Applications   $100.00 10 Applications $100.00
10 Applications $250.00 20 Applications $250.00
20 Applications $500.00 40 Applications $500.00

In addition, all representatives who qualify for an award, their names will be placed in a drawing ball and be eligible for to win an iPad.

Please, remember that the "Tuition Reward Program", which is a fraternal benefit, can be used as a sales tool for soliciting juvenile applications.

We have less than a month left in helping the Membership Department reaching our goal.

Thank you for your additional effort and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas!


Frank J. Spula, FLMI