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Story and Photos by: Robert M. Jadach

The Polish National Alliance North Side Senior Group celebrated the Christmas Holiday on Wednesday, December 11, 2012. The Christmas luncheon was held at the Teresa 2 Restaurant and Banquets in Chicago. As the seniors checked in, they were given a gift for Christmas. Over 60 people attended the luncheon.

PNA Vice President Paul Odrobina was emcee and led everyone in prayer and broke oplatki with exchanges of Good Wishes and Happy Holiday around the room. After the delicious lunch, Mr.Odrobina then introduced guests attending, President Frank Spula, who also spoke to the guests, President and Vice President from the Polish Women's Alliance Delphine Huneycutt and Sharon Zago, Vice President of the Polish Roman Catholic Union, Anna Sokolowski and her assistant Mary Jane Robles, PNA Director Wanda Penar, Commissioners of District 13 Wanda Juda and Joseph Hercik, former Commissioner of District 13 Zenon Olejniczak, Janice Odrobina, and the volunteers that helped out at the dinner Joan Oskorep (who organized the event) and Robert Jadach. Afterward the seniors played bingo for gifts items and fun was had by all.

At the conclusion of the event, the seniors were reminded that there will be no meeting in the month of January. Letters will be mailed out in January with the schedule for next year.