49th PNA National Convention

On August 29-31, 2023, 109 delegates from across the country gathered in Rosemont, IL, for the 49th PNA National Convention. These delegates represented PNA councils and made important changes and decisions for the betterment of the organization.

On the first day, the delegates already tackled a busy agenda. The day’s highlights included the Oath of Office of Representatives, a presentation from the CEO of Fraternal Alliance Allison Koppel, remarks from U.S. Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, and the approval of the PNA-PNU merger with remarks from PNU CEO Martin Wachna.

After wrapping up the first day, the delegates had the unique opportunity to visit the PNA Home Office where they were treated to a traditional Polish dinner and went on a tour of the space.

The next day, the delegates worked diligently and were able to wrap up the convention ahead of schedule! The day consisted of many highlights such as visits and remarks from Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias and Mayor of Rosemont Brad Stephens, presentation of top sales agents, committee reports, and elections.

Polish National Alliance 49th National Convention

49th National Convention Election Results

Polish National Alliance Officers Frank Spula, Wesley Musial, Alicja Kuklinska, and Anthony Nowak-Przygodzki elected at the 49th National Convention


  • Frank Spula – Chairman
  • Wesley Musial – Vice-Chairman
  • Alicja Kuklińska – National Secretary
  • Anthony Nowak-Przygodzki – National Treasurer
49th National Convention elected PNA directors Jeffrey Twardy, Edward Zavaski, Mary Srodon, Greg Chilecki, Anna Wierzbicki


  • Jeff Twardy
  • Edward Zavaski
  • Mary Srodon
  • Greg Chilecki
  • Anna Wierzbicki

PNA Top Producers

Congratulations to the Top Producers for 2019-2023! Your hard work and dedication to the PNA are always greatly appreciated. 

⭐️ Bart Szkutnicki
⭐️ Jeff Twardy
⭐️ Krzysztof Mscisz
⭐️ Lori Daff-Siggins
⭐️ Sandy Schuster
⭐️ Ronald Martin
⭐️ Elizabeth Stolarczuk
49th National Convention Top Producers: Bart Szkutnicki, Jeff Twardy, Krzysztof Mscisz, Lori Daff-Siggins, Sandy Schuster, Ronald Martin, Elizabeth Stolarczuk

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2023 49th Polish National Alliance Convention PNA