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The PNA is always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to join team and start making a difference for PNA customers. 

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The Polish National Alliance is looking for a bright and energetic person to join our Customer Service Team.
If you are a detail-oriented person with a positive attitude and great communication skills – we would love to hear from you.
The position will handle a variety of clerical duties, such as preparing policy documents, answering customer calls and updating company and policy records.
Training will be provided.
Office experience and computer skills are required.
Generous benefits package provided which includes health, 401 (K), dental, vision, LTD.
Send your resume to marlene.johnson@pna-znp.org


Assists the Annuity Coordinatory in inputting data into ID3 for the creation of IRAs, Roths, Non-Qualified and Option 1 Annuity policies.  Applies additional deposits, transfers funds and processes withdrawals on annuities and IRAs.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – All duties below are in the assisting of the Annuity Coordinator

  • Verifies and inputs the necessary data into ID3 to generate annuities/IRAs
  • Compiles and mails new policies and welcome letters to members and ensures policies are state compliant
  • Via the ID3 System, applies checks received for both new and existing accounts and ensures their proper application. Checks must be scanned in the cage
  • Directs monthly pension benefits to retirees
  • Completes forms necessary for withdrawals, death claims, surrenders, transfers (includes, but not limited to Distribution Request Forms, Letters, Tax Withholding and Lost Policy Affidavits)
  • Prepares vouchers and generates checks for distributions, surrenders and transfers.  Documents and audits checks prior to mailing to members
  • Responsible for the accuracy of information provided on tax forms 1099R and 5498
    • This includes the auditing of annuity department records vs. the ID3 system.  Makes all necessary changes and updates.  Edits all records as is necessary
    • Prints final product for distribution to members and forwards required information to the IRS
  • Responsible for the accurate generation of annual statements for annuities and IRAs
  • Calculates on a weekly basis federal withholding and works with IRS offices on EFTPS.  Includes the calculation of principle and interest and the approval of taxes forwarded to the IRS
  • Calculates distributions based on account, type of distribution, etc. and sends statements when necessary
  • Sends out Certificates of Insurance and duplicate policies
  • Initiates transfers and rollovers, incoming and outgoing, and all subsequent follow-up
  • Handles calls and walk-in clients regarding annuities and IRAs
  • Billing – weekly mails notices to account holders
  • Process monthly matured annuity/IRA accounts, mailing, initial forms, explanation of options and final disposition preparation
  • All other job related duties as is necessary



Minimum of six months experience necessary, preferably in an accounting environment.  Must be able to type a minimum of 45 wpm.  Must be able to accurately review own work product.

Must be able to work independently and provide results, which are error free.  Must be able to problem solve with limited assistance.  Must be able to prioritize work and possess skills to pay attention to detail.

Send your resume to: johnson@pna-znp.org

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