Polish-American Heritage Month

The Perfect Time to Celebrate Polish Filmmakers

For the first time in Chicago, Polish National Alliance organized a screening of films directed by Polish filmmakers!

On Thursday, October 5th, the series opened EO by Jerzy Skolimowski, an award-winning film that received the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022! It was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards Ceremony.

Jerzy Skolimowski is a graduate of the prestigious Łódź Film School in Poland, who became an outstanding Polish director, screenwriter, dramatist, actor and painter.

Skolimowski, the winner of the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement at the Venice Film Festival in 2016, shared his vision of what it’s like to see the world from the perspective of an animal. His unique way to tell a story of a donkey, who travels through the Polish and Italian countryside, experiencing cruelty and kindness, slavery and freedom unfolded all kinds of feelings which were clearly elicited by the movie’s story. It all contributed to the landscape of mood being present among the audience and turned into a cinema discussion club.

EO (940 x 400 px)

That night, sharing and enjoying Skolimowski’s talent, culture and history with the Polish-American community felt great. He is an extremely rich and colorful Polish artist who has come a long way to an Oscar nomination, always proud to be Polish.

The outdoors of the PNA gardens and watching EO under dazzling lit sky was a great experience and food for thought. It was one of the last beautiful, warm autumn nights this year, and the viewers enjoyed the movie so much they did not want to go home after the screening. We’d like to think it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.

The event was organized and sponsored by PNA; thank you to our media partners WPNA 103.1 FM and Dziennik Zwiazkowy for your support! Special thanks to the Project Coordinator, Paulina Kordek and the entire team who went above and beyond to make this event possible. Your time, talents, and passion are truly appreciated!