Santa Comes to PNA 2022

A Special Visitor at PNA!

On December 4, 2022, the Polish National Alliance organized its annual Santa Comes to PNA (Mikołajki) event. The event was located at the Home Office and was open to the entire community. Celebrating Mikołajki is a fun Polish tradition for children and is based on the story of St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas was a bishop during the fourth century who helped the poor and those in need. Children would leave shoes out, hoping that St. Nicholas would leave them a present. Now St. Nicholas is known as the inspiration for modern-day Santa Claus and reminds us about the importance of giving. On December 6, in many countries, including Poland, children eagerly wake up hoping to find small gifts from St. Nicholas.

PNA loves spreading Christmas cheer with its annual Mikołajki. There were many attractions for families. Children played games and participated in face painting, and adults enjoyed a raffle with exciting prizes. Dziennik Zwiazkowy sponsored the main prize of the raffle, a Kindle. White Sox kindly donated many neat collectibles to be given as prizes.

After snacking on delicious treats and pizza, the children were ready to meet Santa Claus. Santa arrived with his elves to hand out presents. Children enjoyed taking photos with Santa and received wonderful presents which were generously funded by Lowell Foods and PNA.

WPNA FM and Dziennik Zwiazkowy helped in promoting and covering the event.

We sincerely thank all sponsors for their time and generosity in making this event a success! We are excited to see everybody again at Mikołajki next year.

Four children with mom meeting Santa Claus
Two children in Christmas outfits with mom and Santa Claus