2023 Person of the Year

PNA & PRCUA - Celebrating Years of Friendship

On January 31, 2024, the Polish Roman Catholic Union (PRCUA) was honored with the 2023 Person of the Year (Człowiek Roku) award by Dziennik Związkowy, which is a subsidiary of the Polish National Alliance. Dziennik Związkowy annually acknowledges an exceptional individual or organization within the Polish community. This was the third time the Person of the Year distinction was bestowed upon an organization by Dziennik Związkowy.

This year marks the 116th anniversary of Dziennik Związkowy’s publication. Established in 1908, Dziennik Związkowy holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating Polish newspaper in the United States, steadfastly serving Polonia throughout its history. The Person of the Year accolade is one of the means through which Dziennik Związkowy highlights exemplary leaders within the Polish community. Dziennik Związkowy named the PRCUA the 2023 Person of the Year for 150 years of extraordinary service to the Polish-American community.

The PRCUA has been instrumental in preserving the essence of Polonia through its dedication to education, folklore, and support for the Polish Museum of America. PRCUA contributes to the preservation of Polish traditions, culture, and history in the United States.

The PNA takes pride in commemorating the significant milestone of its “elder fraternal sister.” Over the years, the PNA and PRCUA have forged a close partnership based on shared missions and values, nurturing a strong friendship and collaboration.

Annually, the PNA proudly sponsors prizes for Dziennik Związkowy’s essay contest for Polish school students. Among numerous participants, the PNA awarded cash prizes to the top three students during the gala. Congratulations to the winners!

Once again, congratulations to the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America on earning the 2023 Person of the Year title. The PNA extends best wishes to the PRCUA for many more years of continued success!

Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUA) Person of the Year 2023
Polish Roman Catholic Union (PRCUA) Person of the Year - Dziennik Zwiazkowy