Paul Vallas Visits the PNA

Paul Vallas - Candidate for Mayor of Chicago

On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, candidate for Mayor of Chicago Paul Vallas visited the Polish National Alliance in Chicago to meet with leaders of the Polish-American community. Representatives from Polish organizations across the city were in attendance. The meeting was organized by the President of the Polish American Congress and Polish National Alliance, Frank Spula. At the meeting, President Spula expressed the community’s endorsement for Vallas for Mayor of Chicago. 

Vallas discussed issues such as public safety, expanding the police force, improving public education, not raising and not introducing new taxes, and making Chicago a friendlier city for businesses.

Community leaders wondered how Vallas would acknowledge the Polish community if elected. Vallas responded, “We need to restore Polish history in our curriculum and honor our Polish heroes. We need to make people truly understand what the Polish community has brought to the city.”

Another important question asked of Vallas was about restoring Pulaski Day in Chicago Public Schools. Vallas stated, “I grew up with Pulaski Day. We need to have a calendar that recognizes Pulaski Day.”

Vallas responded to other questions from Polish-American community leaders. He emphasized his stance on making Chicago a safer city by introducing policing on CTA platforms and stations and expanding the police force. He said, “The number one priority of a government is public safety. Safety is a human right. You have to enforce the law and keep dangerous criminals off the street.”

After questions concluded, President Spula turned to Vallas and said, “The leaders of the Polish-American community are in this room. Our community leaders gather here today, and we strongly endorse you.” Vallas thanked for the endorsement and enthusiastically encouraged the Polish community to “get out the vote!”

About Paul Vallas

Paul Vallas is an American politician and former education superintendent. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the superintendent of the Bridgeport Public Schools and the Recovery School District of Louisiana, the CEO of both the School District of Philadelphia and the Chicago Public Schools, and a budget director for the city of Chicago.

The Chicago mayoral election is scheduled for April 4, 2023. Early voting is already in progress.

Photo credit: Ewa Malcher/Dziennik Zwiazkowy 

Paul Vallas Visits PNA to meet with Polish community leaders
Paul Vallas Visits PNA and meets with Polish community leaders