Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to all scholarship recipients!

The PNA Scholarship Committee met to evaluate 123 applications for the 2023-24 Undergraduate Scholarship Program. The committee had the challenging task of selecting recipients. In the end, the committee awarded a total of $120,000. The scholarships are awarded based on specific qualifications, including GPA, community service, and more. Each category is assigned a score. Awards are given to the highest-scoring students. Unfortunately, some applicants were denied due to the lack of a transcript. All PNA Scholarship recipients will be notified of their awards by USPS mail.

The PNA takes pride in the fact that many of its members aspire towards higher education. The organization values education and is committed to supporting its members in their academic pursuits. The Scholarship Committee, Executive Officers, and Board Members wish all recipients and applicants the best in their future endeavors.

The 2023-24 PNA Undergraduate Scholarship Committee comprises of Wanda Juda, Kathy Lesny Evans, and Anna Wierzbicki. These individuals put in significant effort and dedication in evaluating and selecting deserving recipients.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients! Please click the link below to see a full list of recipients.

For eligible members, please see how to apply for the PNA Graduate Scholarship Program until June 15, 2023.

Polish National Alliance Undergraduate Scholarship committee: Kathy Lesny Evans, Anna Wierzbicki, Wanda Juda
Polish National Alliance 2023-24 Undergraduate Scholarship Program Recipients