Song and Dance Concert 2023

A magical day of folklore...

On March 19, 2023, the Polish National Alliance hosted its annual Song & Dance Concert at Lake Zurich High School Performing Arts Center in Lake Zurich, IL, where eight Polish folk song and dance ensembles subsidized by the PNA performed. Part of PNA’s mission is to preserve Polish culture and teach younger generations of Polish Americans about their heritage. This was the 37th PNA Song & Dance Concert since its beginning in 1987. The following ensembles performed: WICI, Lajkonik, Gaiczek, Gaik, Whispers (Szepty), Hejnał, Żaki, and Świtezianie.

The PNA Song & Dance Concert was organized by PNA Fraternal Advisor and WICI Artistic Director Magdalena Solarz, Fraternal Events Coordinator Mary Srodon, and PNA staff and volunteers. Around 700 individuals attended the concert and over 300 dancers participated. Ensembles performed various Polish national dances such as the polonez, oberek, and kujawiak, as well as regional dances from Silesia, Kashubia, the Highlands, and Łowicz. Dancers wore dazzling folk outfits representing various regions.

PNA-owned media, Dziennik Zwiazkowy and WPNA 103.1 FM, supported the event. We thank all who attended and escaped into the magic of folklore with us!

The song and dance ensembles are always welcoming new dancers. Please visit the ensemble directory for more information on PNA’s dance groups.

Photos by Dariusz Piłka/Dziennik Zwiazkowy

Lajkonik dancers at the 2023 Polish National Alliance Song and Dance Concert.
WICI Dancers at the 2023 PNA Song and Dance Concert.