PNA 75th National Bowling Tournament

Saturday, May 14th 10:00A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

The PNA’s Bowling Tournament has long been one of our grand events organized for our members.

The 75th National Bowling Tournament was held on April 29 and 30, 2022, in Chicago, IL. Bowlers gathered at the Habetler Bowling Center for their assigned squads. The singles and doubles events took place on Friday afternoon, and the teams bowled on Saturday.

The opening ceremonies took place on Friday. First, Vice President Marian Grabowski welcomed President Frank Spula, National Secretary Alicja Kuklinska, Treasurer Steve Tokarski, Chief Financial Officer Jim Gura, and the bowlers to our 75th National Bowling Tournament. He also thanked Habetler Bowl’s Management Team for their hospitality. Next, Vice President Grabowski introduced the PNA guests: Director Irene Hercik, Fraternal Advisor Barbara Wesolowski, former Director Anna Wierzbicki, former Commissioner of District 12 Jerry Hejna, and District 13 Commissioners Wanda Juda and Joseph Hercik.

Vice President Grabowski called on President Spula to throw the first ball, and then threw the second ball to officially start the tournament.

Thank you to all the bowlers who participated in the tournament!

Winning Teams:

1st Place Team                  “Team Sparta” Captain Mark Karczewski

2nd Place Team                 “Bowling Matters” Captain Stanley Krawczyk

3rd Place Team                  “Lightning I” Captain Casey Grabowski


John Wagner  

Evan Newgent           

James Kontos 


John Wagner – Chris Marcyjanik

Robert Madej – Richard Kubarek

Michael Newgent – Chad Newgent

All Events:

Mark Karczewski

James Kontos

Robert Madej

The 75th PNA Bowling Tournament was so much fun and a roaring success! Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you all for your great spirit and outstanding sportsmanship! Stay connected for more information on the 2023 PNA Bowling Tournament!