The Polish National Alliance’s 58th National Golf Tournament

There is only one game. Think Golf.

The Polish National Alliance’s 58th National Golf Tournament, hosted by Lodge 664 St. Joseph’s Club, was held on July 23rd and 24th, 2021, in Westmoreland City, PA. Two days of golf took place at the stunning Madison Club Golf course in Pennsylvania. 

We were honored by the presence of 108 golfers that joined the event. The Vice President of the PNA, Marian Grabowski, and the Chairman of the PNA’s 58th Golf Tournament Committee, Luke Baverso, have welcomed all the guests. Then, in their welcoming speech, they devoted a moment of silence to members, friends, and golfers who did not survive Covid.

Afterwards, the game started, and golfers took off into the beautiful golf course. Although it was hot, it didn’t get in the way of our golfers to be able to play like champions! We saw many great shots that day, and the tireless determination of our golfers, who had lots of fun. This game of confidence and competence, once again, has shown us that if one genuinely loves golf, they must love the fact that no one shoots 50 and that golf is an inherently imperfect game. As such, golfers love the challenge of the day as they understand that golf is a game of mistakes and unpredictable fortune. 


On the second day, after golf, there was an Awards Presentation during which the Vice President, Marian Grabowski, read a letter from the President of PNA, Frank Spula. In his letter, Mr. President recognized the officers of lodge 664 of Westmoreland City, PA. He extended his gratitude to them for their efforts and hospitality in hosting this event. President Spula thanked all the guests for their participation. He further expressed his hopes and plans to join in the following year’s golf tournament.

Next, he thanked the Officers of the District VIII, National Directors Val Pawlos and Jeff Twardy, along with Fraternal Advisors Sean Jackson for supporting this event from the beginning.


Vice President – Marian Grabowski 

Treasurer – Steve Tokarski

Director – Jeff Twardy

Fraternal Advisor, Region B – Sean Jackson

Fraternal Advisor, Region D – Joseph Magielski

Fraternal Coordinator – Mary Srodon


The fraternal award was presented to Lodge 352 for having the most participants. The youngest participant was Adam Galaski from Lodge 352 of McKeesport, PA, and the oldest was Richard Draves from Lodge 1120 of La Port, IN. 


Polish National Alliance Officers, Directors, and Fraternal Committee members would like to extend their thanks to our guests who attended or assisted in any way with the 58th Annual Polish National Alliance National Golf Tournament. Additionally, a special thank you goes to Mr. Luke Baverso and members of Lodge 664 for their help in organizing this event. We had an outstanding tournament filled with fraternalism, great games of golf, friendship, and fun!

Thank you everyone for another successful PNA National Golf Tournament!


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Golf lovers always play to play great!

Champion Flight                

1st          158        Dean Marraccini

2nd        168         Fred Smallhoover

3rd         168         Howard E. Butters, Jr

A Flight

1st          156        Mike Squires

2nd        167         Joe Navarolli

3rd         168         Reed Tomlinson

B Flight

1st          168         Frank Piekut

2nd          170         Dennis Tomlinson

3rd         171          Robert Everson

C Flight

1st          169         Richard Schiffhauer

2nd        171          Steve Galaski

3rd         174          Wayne Jones

D Flight

1st          182         Jerry A. Townsend

2nd        183          Dale J. McGinley

3rd         190          David Sevacko

E Flight

1st          207         Jim Wyszynski

2nd        208          James O’Donnell

3rd         209          Cary Good

Women Flight

1st          204         Monica Letta

2nd        218          Denise M. Gerhard

3rd         237          Sherry Wonsevicz