Dear PNA Members participating in SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards!

Remember to check your Tuition Rewards account.

From 2012 to 2017, the Tuition Rewards Program was offered to PNA members. Log in with the number and password you used to register your account. These are your private accounts with Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards. Contact Sage Scholars directly.

PNA members with questions should contact 

College-bound students can redeem their Tuition Rewards points by following a few easy steps.

Students must submit Tuition Rewards to member Colleges and Universities applied within 10 days of submitting his or her application.

To submit a student’s Tuition Rewards to a College or University:
1) Log in to your account at 
2) Select “Submit Student’s Rewards to Colleges” from the dropdown menu next to your student’s name. Follow the step by step instructions and select the College or University your student will be applying to or has applied to.
3) Once completed, click submit at the bottom of the form.

The statements will be submitted directly to the college or university within 24 hours you will receive a copy of the statement via e-mail. We suggest that you print a copy of this statement and include it with your student’s application or your application fee check when you send in.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Do I have to submit all statements at once? What if my child submits applications to several schools over several months?
A – No, you do not have to submit them all at once. You can return to the “Submit Student’s Rewards to College” link as many times as needed and add additional schools as applications are filled out and sent in.

Q – I accidentally checked off a school that my child is not applying to, can I fix it?
A – If the system has not sent the statement out to the school yet, then yes you can go back to that page and uncheck the school (make sure to resubmit the form again to save your changes).

Q – I’m not sure if I submitted the statement to the school – how can I tell?
A – Look for “View Previously Submitted Rewards” on the available actions next to the student’s name.

Q – How will I know if the college used the Tuition Rewards?
A – If all requirements have been met and the student’s Tuition Rewards were submitted within 10 days of application, you are guaranteeing that the student will be awarded scholarships, grants, or other awards at least equal to the amount of points submitted (1 point = $1, up to the college’s stated maximum), divided equally over 4 years.

Note: Tuition Rewards may not be mentioned on the award letter from the college. For example, if you submit 20,000 points (which guarantees at least $5,000 / year for 4 years) the college awards the student $40,000 total. That $40,000 award will come from different funds and sources, including merit awards provided by the college, and may not specifically say “Tuition Rewards.”. They have met their obligation, if you’ve received your financial aid award letter. Make sure that the amount of institutional aid (scholarships and institutional grants provided by the college) is at least the amount of Tuition Rewards submitted. Your student may have received more aid, but he or she cannot receive less if all program deadlines were met.

Still not sure about how something works?

Look at Sage Scholars’ “Guide to Tuition Rewards.” This easy-to-understand guide will provide all of the detailed information about how the Tuition Rewards program works. The Guide to Tuition Rewards is available after you log in (left side menu).