Joseph A. Kaminski Annual Communion Breakfast.

Pittsburgh, PA; On March 21, 2021, West End Lodge 1052 celebrated its annual communion breakfast. This year was a special one. The Lodge and its Board of Directors honored Joseph A. Kaminski by naming the breakfast after Joe. 

President Mark Pawlos talked about how Joe’s name is synonymous with the West End Pulaski Club and the many other Polish organizations he is involved in. Joe was very touched, along with his family and members of the club, by the title. From now on, the breakfast will be known as the Joseph A. Kaminski Annual Communion Breakfast.

During the breakfast, four students were honored as recipients of the Ray Twardy Scholarship. Isabella Bogdan, Erica Pawlos, Kevin Smith and Taylor Smith were each awarded a $500.00 scholarship. Since the inception of Ray Twardy Scholarships 18 years ago, 115 scholarships have been given to eligible members, for a total of $57,500 being awarded.

Each year, the lodge also picks an organization in the community to donate money to. This year, a check for $1,500.00 was presented by President Mark Pawlos on behalf of Lodge 1052 for the Special Olympics. City of Pittsburgh Chief of Police Scott Schubert was present to receive the check on their behalf. Chief Schubert is very much involved in the Special Olympics and was very appreciative of the donation. It was great to have Chief Schubert there to help us celebrate, given how busy his schedule is.

There were a total of 80 members in attendance at the breakfast, along with 10 children. Easter Baskets, as well as money, were given out to each child. Baskets were donated by members of the club who do this every year for the kids.

A special thanks goes to Rockefellers Grill for catering the event, and to club member Arch Schubert for making all the paska bread. This was a great day for everyone!

Val Pawlos,
PNA Director