Important Announcement from the Office of National Secretary

Zgoda - Special Edition

Posted on 08/09/2023

The special edition issue of Zgoda regarding the 49th National Convention has been officially published. All delegates will receive a copy of the issue in their mailboxes prior to the convention. A digital version is available to read by clicking the button below.


PNA 49th National Convention Rosemont, Illinois Zgoda

From the Chairperson

Posted on 07/26/2023

Please click the button below to read the official address from the Board Chairperson, Frank J. Spula.

2023 Pre-Convention Committees

Posted on 07/20/2023

All pre-convention committee meetings have concluded. We thank all delegates who served on a committee and dedicated their time! 

Credentials – June13, 2023

  • Barbara Wesolowski -Chair
  • Wanda Juda
  • Monika Korczynska
  • Raymond E. Kosinski
  • Steve Tokarski
Alicja Kuklinska- Ex Officio

 Membership – June19, 2023

  • Edward Zavaski – Chair
  • Dawne Griffith
  • Halina Kuczynski
  • Agata Mscisz
  • Elizabeth Stolarczuk
Jolanta Walaszek – Ex Officio

 Fraternal – June 21, 2023

  • Val Pawlos – Chair
  • Malgorzata Bondyra
  • Greg Chilecki
  • Sean Jackson
  • Jolanta Mazewski-Dryden
Marian Grabowski – Ex Officio

Nominations – June 26, 2023

  • Sandra Schuster – Chair
  • Edward Brzostowski
  • Katarzyna Niemczyk
  • Leszek Krzyminski
  • Irene Spiewak 
Alicja Kuklinska – Ex Officio

Grievance Committee – June 26, 2023

  • Teresa Sherman – Chair
  • Christine Hanson
  • Wieslawa Kennedy
  • Richard Poremski
  • Bernadette Zubel
Alicja Kuklinska – Ex Officio

By-Laws – July 10-11, 2023

  • Frank Kokoszka – Chair
  • Irene Hercik
  • Dave Milcinovic
  • Christine McMullan
  • David Tokarski

Frank Spula – Ex Officio


Candidates for the Elective Offices of the PNA

Posted on 07/13/2023

Executive Officers



Serving as your President and Chairperson has been a great honor, and I cherish the special connections I have made and the experiences that I’ve gained. I have proudly committed my life to the PNA and appreciate the knowledge I have attained by working in various positions. My journey at the PNA started in the copy room of the Treasurer’s Office. Since then, I have been passionate about fulfilling PNA’s mission of protecting families, serving others, and promoting Polish heritage in the United States.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have received over the years. I had the honor of being Chairman of two National Conventions as well as chairing various conferences for other organizations. Being President of the Polish American Congress has assisted me in establishing relationships with local, state, and federal officials, which I have also been able to leverage for the benefit of the PNA. Currently, I serve as a Director on the board of the Edgebrook-Sauganash Chamber of Commerce which allows me to build valuable relationships and promote the PNA beyond our ethnic community.

Every organization faces challenging times, and as President, it has always been my responsibility to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of our members. I have found every year that I have served at the PNA to be extremely rewarding, and I am thankful for everyone’s support and encouragement. I see the bright future that PNA has ahead of itself and ask for your continued support in leading the organization.



I am the incumbent candidate for Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors. I am 72 years young and from Philadelphia, PA. My family includes my older brother, Walter Jr., his wife Ruth and their three sons Walter III, Michael, and Christopher. My education is comprised of parochial school and Jesuit sponsored secondary and college level institutions. I hold a B.S. degree in Mathematics with a minor in Economics from St. Joseph’s College.                                                                                                                                                                

I was involved in the family Polish Sausage business for over 49 years. This experience enabled me to establish and nurture my business acumen in conjunction with developing my social skills to provide a basis for a successful career in the business world.                                                                       

I became involved in the PNA following the death of my father, Dr. Walter Musial Sr. in 1976. I have held the position of Lodge Financial Secretary and various Council Offices. In 1991, I was elected as Male Commissioner of District VI, and held the position for two terms. Subsequently, I was twice elected as a National Director from Region D. Following that I served three terms as Censor where I headed the Supervisory Council, and as per the By-Laws, was the Watch-Dog over the Polish National Alliance. After the dissolution of the position of Censor, I was elected as the initial Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors.                                                                                                                                                                     

My Fellow Delegates, I believe my cultural, educational, business, and fraternal background and experience provide an excellent foundation and basis for a position of Leadership in the PNA.



Honorable Representatives to the 49th PNA Quadrennial Convention,

I feel privileged working for the PNA as its National Secretary and appreciate the trust bestowed on me by the Delegates of the 48th Quadrennial Convention.

With your approval, I would like to continue my service to the organization and its members by leading our wonderful team of dedicated membership services employees and working alongside distinguished fellow PNA officers and directors. I appreciate the opportunity to apply my education, professional experience, and enthusiasm for the betterment of the PNA and Polish-American community, which I proudly represent.

Born and educated in Poland, as many of you, I followed the American dream which brought me to Chicago, the largest Polish population in the world, and home of the PNA. I dedicated my time and talents to the organization that provides financial security to its members and preserves Polish heritage in the United States. I genuinely believe in the PNA’s mission and importance to the community. My commitment is now reinforced through my experience as the PNA National Secretary.

The Convention, being the PNA’s highest governing body, provides its representatives with the aptitude to further advance the organization and select the most qualified and skilled individuals to be its leaders. I wish you successful deliberations and wise decisions rewarding your diligence with a great sense of accomplishment!



I was born and raised in Orange, CA, and am currently a resident of Eastvale, CA. My late parents, Adam and Zofia Nowak-Przygodzki, immigrated to the United States in 1959 to start a family. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Fullerton, in Business Administration.  Also, I completed a 3-year program with Pomona Colleges, Western CUNA Management School certificate and a Leadership program with the University of Southern California. My professional training/career experience has been through working in the credit union industry. The credit union is a not-for profit, member-owned, financial cooperative. The credit union industry is like the fraternal industry as it is constantly battling the for-profit alternative.

My experience at the PNA started as a teenager being involved in the local lodge and council. This helped me learn about the organization and share in its successes. At the time I joined, I was dancing for a folklore dance group, Gorale Folk Dancers. I have been elected a delegate to the past five National Conventions since Denver. I strive to grow professionally and personally in everything I do, learning all that I can from those that were in leadership positions. I am currently a PNA National Director.

I am a member of other fraternal organizations such as the Knights of Columbus. I truly believe in grass-root fraternalism, and hope that our great organization has a very long future of supporting and providing services to our members. My purpose is to help our members build better lives with protecting their family’s financial wellbeing. I have held positions in the local chapters for the credit union industry as well as on Boards for the local Chambers of Commerce. I’m active in charitable activities for the community. I am proud to be Polish and have a 100% PNA member family.




I was born in Poland. In 1989, I came to the USA as a political refugee, and shortly after joined the PNA. Since then, I have held many positions in the PNA, starting as Vice-President of the Lodge 3259 “Piast” and then its President, Treasurer of Council 73, District 16 Commissioner, Fraternal Director, and Fraternal Advisor of Region J. I was elected Representative to six National Conventions and served on many pre-convention committees representing my District.

I am exceptionally knowledgeable about the financial product and fraternal activities of the PNA. I also understand the trends and areas in which fraternal organizations must operate to succeed in the current environment. Being a partner owner in a successful construction business, I have financial acumen, understand financial management, budgeting, and reporting, and know how to solve issues. As a community leader, I organized many events, festivals, and cultural happenings in Southern California, making PNA visible and providing opportunities for our sales representatives. I am a team player with leadership, organizational, and communication skills that earned me respect of my community which I proudly represent.

For over 12 years, I served as a member of the financial committee at the Polish Center in Yorba Linda, CA. Recently, I initiated cooperation between the PNA and Polam FCU, recognizing the opportunity to expand the PNA membership. I would like to continue applying my business dispositions and collaboration skills for the growth of our organization on national, and perhaps one day, international level. If elected National Director, I promise to work diligently so our organization grows in strength and its members can benefit from the financial stability of the PNA. I believe in hard work, cooperation and principals that make the Polish National Alliance the leading fraternal ethnic organization in the United States.



I have been a member of the PNA for over 40 years.  I have held many positions in the PNA. I am currently your National Director. I have been Business Director, Fraternal Director and Sports Director all on a national level of the PNA.  I was President of Lodge 1052 for 33 years and I am still Secretary of Council 145 for over 40 years. I feel I am very qualified to serve as your National Director for the next four years. My history of making decisions for you have always been in the best interest for the organization.

I have received awards for my abilities in serving the community and for my accomplishments, including Man of the Year for District VIII, Man of the Year for the Kosciuszko Foundation, and the PNA Silver Medal. Council of the City of Pittsburgh awarded a day named after me for my active community service. I have been a delegate for the last six national conventions and a delegate in District VIII for the last 40 years.  I have also served on numerous committees for both national and district conventions.

My family is 5th generation PNA members. My wife Janet of 44 years, my daughter Erin (Eric), son Michael (Emily) and grandsons Marino and Robert are all PNA members. I am asking for your vote in making sure the right decisions are made for the betterment and future of the PNA. It would be an honor to keep serving you as your National Director for the next four years.



It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you, although you know me well as a loyal employee to the PNA for the past 45 years – since 1978. As a longtime employee, my goal has always been to serve our members efficiently and professionally, and that’s why I’ve taken pride in everything I’ve done for our organization. In fact, it was my knowledge of PNA and passion that led me to take on this role as Fraternal Coordinator. Consequently, I have organized and operated all major PNA events, from educational programs to Polish and American patriotic celebrations, banquets to sports tournaments, and beyond. Working as Fraternal Coordinator at PNA required me to wear multiple hats within our organization, and this led me to become an effective communicator, great planner, master of budgeting and operations, and marketing aficionado.

Since 1983, I have attended 11 National Conventions in the capacity of taking minutes. In 2003, I was elected as a Delegate to the 44th Convention, making this my sixth convention as a delegate. For over 20 years, I serve as President of Lodge 3241 and Financial Secretary/Treasurer of Council 120. I believe my years of experience at PNA, my knowledge, understanding of our organization in-and-out, and dedication make me an expert-level candidate to continue serving as a business leader for PNA’s growth. Through my work, I believe I have created positive change at PNA that has impacted our organization’s image echoing into the outside world. 

I have been with PNA for longer than I have been married to my dear husband John of 37 years! Our two children, and three grandchildren are 100% PNA family through and through! It would be an honor to continue to serve PNA as a National Director.



I am running for a position as a member of the PNA Board of Directors and feel that I am qualified for the position. For the last twenty years I have served as the President of Council 122 and Lodge 1758. In addition, I served four years as Commissioner of Council 10, four years as Director of District 10 and currently serve as Region E Fraternal Advisor. In these various positions I have learned the workings of the PNA at various levels. In 2018, I handled the sale of the Council Building due to increasing costs and decreasing revenues. It was a very difficult decision but one that had to be made.

During my tenure with the State of Michigan as a Personnel Management Specialist, I served on several major projects requiring adopting and changing long standing procedures. One such project was a total revamping of the Unemployment Insurance Agency, specifically the electronic application and payment system. The project eliminated over 30 offices and implemented a phone and computer-based application system. Another major project involved a total revamp of the position application system, record maintenance systems and payroll systems. All these projects required attention to detail, the use and implementation of best business practices and overseeing the changes.

My Master of Business Administration from the University of Detroit – Mercy, also serves to add to my qualifications. In addition to an undergraduate degree and an MBA, I have completed Project Management Training, Myer-Briggs Type Certification, Expert Witness Training, and Confronting Conflict Training. I feel that my experience, education, and past positions would make me an asset to the National Offices of the PNA. In addition, I feel that I have the ability to make the necessary decisions to promote the growth and advancement of the PNA.



I am a candidate for one of the five positions for the PNA Board of Directors at this convention. I come from a one hundred percent family of lifelong members of the Polish National Alliance and serve as Vice President of the Silver Bell Club of the PNA (Lodge 2465). At the 48th PNA Convention I was selected to serve on the by-laws committee and then served as convention parliamentarian. I have served as a delegate to numerous PNA Council 127 meetings.  For my own lodge, I have served on the scholarship committee repeatedly and helped award scholarships to members.

As a practicing attorney for the past sixteen years, my knowledge of the law would provide a key skill to the PNA board identified by the insurance regulators. The job of a lawyer is largely one of a problem solver. I am accustomed to finding a consensus between my clients and other parties who have contentious, opposing views. This legal perspective would benefit the PNA Board of Directors.

As a former president and current active member of the National Advocates Society, a group of Polish-American attorneys and judges, I have experience with management of an organization.  During my tenure, I ran my own joint convention with the National Medical and Dental Association. I continue to serve the NAS/NMDA as the editor of their joint Annual Bulletin, a position I’ve held since 2006. I am a graduate of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, and the University of Dayton School of Law in Dayton, OH. 

I ask that you vote for me and look forward to speaking with you at the upcoming convention.



Whether at a sporting event, youth event or a black tie affair, I have the comfort level, knowledge, and experience. I hope utilizing these qualifications illustrate that I can continue to be an asset to PNA, whether in the capacity of Business, Management or Fraternalism.  Throughout my many experiences with Lodge 1052 of Pittsburgh, PA, you could say I have learned through the years from the very best.  My years of experiences run the gamut, from a participant and management of national tournaments (bowling, golf, softball), to locally being the chairman of the Raymond S. Twardy Scholarship Fund for Lodge 1052.  My business acumen is honed by 27+ years working in the public sector and has provided many projects, transitions and educational experiences that have shaped my skills to understand, solve and manage solutions to complex business problems. I am a graduate of Duquesne University – Business Administration/Finance.  Of course, I couldn’t do any of this without the support from my two little ladies, Stephanie (15) and Sydney (12), and I hope I can show them the PNA as my grandfather had done with me. 


I am a lifelong PNA member, continuing my family’s commitment to the organization and the Polish-American community. In being a National Director in Region H (District 13) for two terms, I have learned many aspects of our organization, including those ideas and programs that can be implemented and improved upon, along with new ones. I ask for the opportunity to be able to accomplish them. I was a representative to previous conventions and had the privilege to serve on pre-convention committees along with being chosen as the Secretary of the 2019 Convention held in Arizona.

I was born in Chicago and received my Associate Degree in Nursing at Triton College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from DePaul University. After 20+ years of working in the ICU at Community First Medical Center, I have transitioned into case management. 

My PNA background consists of being active in various aspects of the organization, from current to former officer positions held on the lodge, council and district levels. This does not include all the meetings or events I participated in and committees I served on. Recently, I volunteered at the National Bowling Tournament held in Reno, NV. I strongly believe that members are the strength of the organization. Our predecessors recognized the importance of the financial protection for the hardworking Polish immigrants and the need to preserve our heritage. It is our duty to continue expanding membership and promoting PNA through fraternal, community undertakings.

Sincere greetings and congratulations to the delegates elected as Representatives to the 49th Quadrennial Convention. I look forward to meeting and seeing you at the Convention, and humbly ask for your support so I could have the privilege to serve PNA as a National Director.



Since becoming a member of the PNA in 1986, I made a conscientious decision to get actively involved and make a difference. Since 2013, I have served as lodge president. During this period, we have grown the lodge and made significant enhancements to the grounds and property. We have managed to grow our club financially and have been involved with District 2 in Connecticut where I serve as president too. I received the PNA District 2 Man of the Year Award in 2011. In 2019, I was elected as a delegate to the National Convention in Phoenix, AZ, and made a presentation to all delegates. The PNA is certainly an organization that I am familiar with and understand its corporate philosophy and goals. Mr. Spula has utilized my services as a sales trainer, and I have traveled to a variety of locations across the country to work with PNA sales representatives in an effort to help them develop and improve their sales skills.

Because of my extensive background in management and sales of over 45 years, the experience I bring will definitely be an asset. The functions of planning, organization, motivating, and control have been my guiding management principles. Starting sales businesses from scratch operations and turning them into successful businesses has been very fulfilling. As a Nationwide agency principal, I lead our teams to achieve the top 1% of company sales force.

I am fully licensed in all lines of insurance. I also co-founded an independent insurance agency back in 1987. I have served on the Board of Directors for organizations such as Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development for the Town of Wallingford, and more. This experience has allowed me to grow, develop, and work with individuals of all backgrounds.

Elected Representatives to the 49th PNA Quadrennial National Convention in Rosemont, Illinois

Updated last 06/22/2023

Polish National Alliance National Convention representatives
Polish National Alliance Quadrennial Convention representatives

Polish National Alliance 49th Quadrennial Convention

Update as of 05/15/2023

The 49th PNA National Quadrennial Convention will be held in Rosemont, Illinois, on August 29-31, 2023. Congratulations to its duly elected Representatives!


According to the By-Laws of the Polish National Alliance of the U. S. of N. A. revised and reenacted at the 48th Convention held from August 25 to August 27, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona, amended by the vote of its Representatives and approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance on April 19, 2023:


Petitions, grievances, and complaints to be considered by the Convention Committee must be filed with the Secretary of the Alliance no later than sixty (60) days prior to the National Convention in Rosemont, Illinois (Article IV, Section 43, (b)). The deadline for filing is June 20, 2023. A grievance or complaint not filed within the time provided shall not be considered.


The proposals of amendments to the By-Laws shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Alliance no later than sixty (60) days prior to the National Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. (Article IV, Section 43, (c)). The deadline for submission is June 20, 2023.


Filing of applications for elective PNA National Offices;
Chair of the Board, Vice Chair of the Board, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board Directors (5) deadline is 
June 20, 2023. Requirements for elective Officers of the PNA are available on the PNA official publication, its website:
Link for requirements info, click here.

Current By-Laws of the Polish National Alliance of the U.S. of N. A.

Alicja Kuklinska

National Secretary
Polish National Alliance
6100 N. Cicero Ave.
Chicago, IL 60646

773-286-0500 ext. 320